Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Afternoon Paint

I was working in the gallery today but they were tearing up the street out front so no customers and I decided to paint. So here are the afternoons efforts. Some of these landscape ideas will what you will be working on yourself. I just want to give you some ideas.  I am out of two for several days but will try to stay in touch here or the forum and you can always post on the class weeks work as well.


Fire in the sky

The photos on the left are all the ones from today. They are all the small A 6 size that you are working on yourself.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Online Wax Class

I have always like mixing the Luminarte Twinkle H20 mica paints in with my wax and that connection with has led to the creation online. Their new products of Silk Glazes just expand my love affair with the shimmer available. I will have an eight week class that will continue to rotate and build as we go from class to class. Go to to view under whats new to see other classes as well. The class is about to launch Sept 7th so go check it out for yourself. We are going to have a lot of fun in this class.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Been awhile since I added to the blog

I thought I would post some new pictures to the site that are larger 17 x 24 A2 images using a hot plate to do most of the image working on hot paper. Also I will be doing classes at Gallery North Date(s):Sept 12th – Oct 17th – Nov 14th or Dec 12th Time:10:00 AM – 4 PM Fee: $80.00 All Supplies Included. Email me at to register or contact Gallery North in Edmonds.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New work

Thought I would post a piece started with an art project with my grandson. We waxed jigsaw puzzle pieces. Decided to put it into a collage with a bit of a silk scarf on the left edge, some Kleenex and twinkle h2o and a painting on hot paper with some dabbing with wadded up Kleenex.
Next is several pieces done on watercolor paper and one small A6 abstract piece done on card stock.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A new mirror project

This is a 12 x 12 inch mirror that I have mounted on a cradled board. I have waxed the edges of the board. I think this may be a first in a new series.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daniel Smith Blog Article

How to Paint with Encaustics with John Vandebrooke: Last Sundays’ FREE Art Demo at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store
August 20th, 2009 categories: * Encaustic, * Seattle FREE Demos
Encaustic Painting demo with John Vandebrooke at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

Encaustic Painting demo with John Vandebrooke at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

Last Sunday’s FREE Art demo at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store was How To Paint in Encaustic with John Vandebrooke. It was fascinating to see how wide a creative net John casts when incorporating materials and methods for his Encaustic Paintings.

John works in the European way working with hot tools rather than the older method of using a brush dipped into melted wax. John first introduced us to some of the art supplies that he uses: a special low heat iron and a stylus (200 degrees) which he uses for melting his large collection of Colored Encaustic Waxes, thick pile of kleenex for “burping” his iron of the excess wax that collects, the “tractor edge” computer paper he uses beneath the paper he is working on to keep a constantly clean surface to work on, he tears off used sheets to expose a fresh, clean sheet to work on.

With the iron hot, John “wipes” or draws the wax directly onto the iron, then “irons” the melted wax onto the paper he is “painting” on. He can wipe or “paint” a single wax color onto the iron, or 2nd and 3rd wax colors to sort of mix or blend the wax colors on to the iron, then iron the wax onto his paper. Moving the iron in different patterns on the paper allows John to manipulate how the wax deposits onto the paper. As an example, John showed us how moving the iron in a figure eight pattern makes hills, and a sharp upward movement with the edge of the iron makes a vertical mark that may become the trunk of a tree. Later in the demo John showed us how to make “rocks in a stream” by wiping a few wax colors onto the iron, then using the tip of the iron, and a piece of scrap cardstock masking part of his paper (this makes the straight edge of where the water meets the bottom of the rock) he makes a windshield wiper blade motion to deposit the wax to create a rounded rock shape. Then, while the wax is still warm, removes the scrap of cardstock, then takes his finger and wipes it along the straight bottom edge, smearing it, to give the impression of water flowing by the rock.

John works in the spirit of playfulness when creating his paintings and is willing to integrate almost any materials he comes across such as: Japanese papers, decorative papers, tissue paper, watercolor paper (with watercolor painted on it too) doilies, inkjet images of photos, coffee filters, old discarded court papers, rubber stamped images ones he either buys or carves from Safety Kut and whatever else catches his eye. Since the many of the waxes are translucent (the darks are less) images are visible. Kleenex is his all time favorite material to incorporate (he told us he “loves painting with kleenex”) and it was interesting to learn how flexible an Art material it can be. Here is a list of different art supplies that he uses in different ways for different pieces: R&F Encaustics, Gold Gesso, Iridescent Watercolors, Copy Paper, Golden Digital/Transfer Gels, Hand-made papers, Oil Paints, Ampersand Cradle Bords, Canvas Board, Iron Oxide paint, Glue Gun, Gloss Card Stock, Alcohol Inks, Mica Paints, DS Beeswax Pastilles, DS Damar Crystals

Some of Johns creative tips for making images are:

Mixing kleenex into the wax, what is not absorbed is rubbed off.
Collaging different papers into the wax.
Dipping the entire paper into hot wax to coat.
Make “hot paper” by laying the paper onto electric griddle, then directly apply your wax to the hot paper and “draw” with the wax for dramatic lines (similar to using the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks onto wet WC paper).
Old, “chewed up” wine corks make wonderful stamps.
He “embosses” an image on thin copper plates, then shapes that plate to fit over his iron and applies the wax and the relief makes interesting images he can manipulate.
Encaustic wax on copper plate for a different surface to paint on.
Angelina (thin, translucent, iridescent packing material) can be incorporated into the wax and can also melt into it for interesting effects.
Crumple typing paper, flatten it out again, gently iron on the wax which will adhere to the raise parts, then apply watercolor paint which will settle into the valleys making interesting designs that can be collaged with.
Cut up old dvd’s, heat them up and manipulate then incorporate into the encaustic painting.
For fine details, freehand draw wax with the hot stylus or for those who don’t like drawing, “color” with the stylus onto an inkjet image.
Using a hot air gun (for stripping paint) you can focus hot air on the wax and manipulate the wax.
John is able to almost Sumi Paint with the wax using the hot iron in similar gestural motions like a sumi painter would with a brush.
Buff out the wax when cool to give the piece some shine on it.
Do a wax abstract background, then apply kleenex to the warm wax, then paint parts of the kleenex with watercolor or acrylic paint which sticks to the absorbent kleenex.
Rubs DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone gold oil paint into parts of the paper.
Makes a kind of “mono-print” by waxing up shiny cardstock with an image, then takes another pieces of shiny cardstock and places it shiny side to the waxed up image on the other paper, then irons the back and the first image will transfer (at least partially) onto the blank paper, and then you can work over two images.

Towards the end of the FREE Art demo, John shared with us his “Idea Box” which is filled with lots of ideas, many I listed above. It was fun to watch, listen and learn. John manipulates the images in anyway he can imagine, using whatever materials that piques his interest and has fun with the process!

Thank you John!

Every Day, Express Yourself with ART….

~Deborah Burns

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Project

I heard about a historic home in my home town of Edmond's, Washington that was being saved for the pleasure of the local community under a Non Profit banner of 4 areas of interest. An art center, promote global understanding, a sustainable environment and a health and wellness center. I jumped in with both feet and now I am on the board of directors. We have a web site where we can take donations and I would ask if you value historic homes and are in alignment with our vision areas of interest you visit and consider gifting what your heart speaks. We have held teas, lunches, speakers, weddings, and art shows to date. We know that upon purchase of the home we would have no trouble in keeping the schedule filled every day. Since the founder Susan Blalock has an extensive background in grant writing we feel we can provide a wonderful service to the many non profits in securing grants for their projects and become a valuable core advisor to small Non Profits that are without a grant writer. As this story unfolds I will keep you posted on our adventure. You can also click on the rose house photo to access the web site as well as the donor page.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ancient Wisdom

Image transfers and embedding in thick wax layers of silk along with imprinting in wax with leather tools gives a different look.

Film and image transfers

Another combination called Emerging done with a combination of a film print over wax and image transfers with some Golden product and glass beads and a coating of diamond glaze.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This winters southern trip took us to San Clemente where the surf rolls in and the sunshine draws one out for long walks on the beach. Of course taught wax painting but also took a class and connected with a great artist and got me going in some new directions. Here are some of the resutls of image transfer and embossing with wax.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Another computer print that was first painted with H20 twinkle paints and then dipped in clear wax and more colored wax added on background while paper was hot using the blocks. Waxed on fish with pen point and then dabbed on alcohol inks and dropped some on tissue and waxed and cut it out and welded it to paper with clear wax and pen point.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wax over inkjet print

Another printed image that I dipped in clear wax and then with the pen point filled in the picture.

Above the falls

This tree filtered the light above the mist of the falls. The paper was dipped into clear wax. Just regular printing paper the print shop used and then I began to paint in all the image with colored wax. I rubbed oil paint into the sky areas to give that look. Liked the results.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Night Dreams

Back to my standby of Kleenex and wax combination along with the use of LumiArt. Not shown that well is the use of Diamond Glaze in areas to create gloss on the moon and down the left middle section of the painting.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In Flight

This is a process where I first did the background painting and then took a pattern given to me by a woodcarver and I applied it to the wax surface by using a sheet of carbon paper to trace the pattern onto the wax. Then I took the stylus and did the detail wax work over that pattern.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Auto show

I was in Snohomish one day and there was a car show going on and had fun snapping pictures of all of these old cars. Thought I would see what they looked like with a wax overlay and they looked very nice. Here are 4 of them done up in 11 x 17 size. Give you any ideas?

Monday, August 18, 2008

compassionate hands

Took the same image in closer and just focused on the hands. Did the background layer with wax and tissue and rubbed in some oil paint on top of that for the blue effect. Took the image dipped in wax and began to heat the top to melt it into the wax layer below. It began to show the background layer through the translucent paper and so it blended the photo into the background. I liked the effect.

Off the wheel

Had a request to do a painting of hands for a hand surgeon in town. Got me thinking of what to do and came up with a couple of images using Kuan Yin. I have a statue that I took a photo of and began to work it in different ways. The first is a collage that I actually cut in half when I looked at what a nice dip tic it would make. Printed just on copy paper and then dipped in wax and layered with many other tissue and wax layers.


It is always so much fun to connect with those who are waxing and I wanted to share this photo from Marsha Seipel in Tucson AZ which she has named Whales. One of the amazing things about working with wax is the ability for it to create magical images. Many times you can look into the painting and see faces, shapes, animals etc that have just appeared. Great going Marsha, keep up the good work.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

More glass patterns

Here are two more of these glass patterns. I went to print shop and enlarged the book patterns on the copy machine. One one of them I soaked the paper in clear wax on a hot plate and then did the work with a stylus while on the other I just waxed with iron and stylus.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Stained Glass Patterns

I picked up a book of stained glass patterns and here is a new project I just finished today. I began by waxing in the face, arms, sword, hair of the image. Then I outlined the pattern with a hot glue gun. Next I began to put thick coarse gel medium into each section and cut out a one ply piece of Kleenex the size of each section and tapped it into place on the wet gel. While it was soft I began to use the stylus to put hot wax over the tissue and leaving some areas of tissue so I could come back and put some LumiArt paints on the rest of the exposed tissue. I used some powered gold and silver as well as some alcohol inks on the background. A slow process but it turned out in a way that I liked the result.

Tissue on canvas

I saw an artist that put some tissue on canvas and got to thinking that I could do that and work with wax in some manner. I began by making a series of coffee filter paintings and when I had 5 of them done I got to thinking of the tissue on canvas. I took mat media and got the tissue and canvas wet and began layering the tissue on and when it dried began to put LumiArt paints on the tissue. I took the painted coffee filters and put mat media on the back and stuck them in place on the different canvas. I will put up the four in a series I did for the July gallery north show.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Working On Cotton Linter

Cotton linter is very absorbent so soaks up a lot of wax. I had been given a stamp to work with by Sue Coccia and I wanted to give it a try. Stamped first and then used LumiArt to add color to the stamped area. Next a lot of clear wax and then colored wax. The surface became quite stiff so not exactly sure how I want to finish off the painting as far as mounting. I will do something different I am sure.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Working with my grandson

Well I got a big piece of newsprint with a great art work by my grandson for fathers day. I took a look at it and since he was only 2 I didn't get permission, but I snipped a piece out to see if we might discover a new way to partner up with our kids. I put a bit of LumiArt paint and then lots of clear wax and other colored wax to see what we could produce. Going over to his home this next week so going to give to Mom to see if she likes this idea as I could do some more of this with him for fun together.

Work by a student, Stan Chraminski

I am always delighted when a student goes for it and starts waxing after a class and keeps me informed of his creations. Stan took my class in Everett a month ago and he is going to town with different expressions. Here is a piece I think you will like and hope this will encourage you to submit some of your jpegs to me so I can post them here for others. Good going Stan, keep up the good work. Go see his web and blog.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

August 08 Featured Artist Show

I am using the Fabric In Time picture shown below to be the theme of my show at Coldwell Banker Bain in Edmonds at 108 5th Ave S. I will be there during the Art Walk evening from 5-8 which is the third Thursday ( 8/21) . I will demonstrate that evening as well. Come for some snacks and beverage and get acquainted.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The A6 card size

This is the size to learn on as it is so easy to work with. It is the size of the iron head so you do not tend to run out of wax during the design. I have painted hundreds of this size and love doing it. It is the size I will teach in class for it is easy for the students to get a feel of the iron. Once learned you can paint any size. The beauty of wax is always a delight to see and the mysterious ways it comes together is magical.

Hot Plate

Working on a hot plate lets you paint with the wax blocks directly on the hot paper you have placed over the griddle (I use a pancake griddle). After I have done a background of wax colors I will dab it with crunched up Kleenex to soften and create some patterns in the wax. Then I went over that with some blue wax to create the pattern and then a few dabs of Kleenex in a few spots. You can have a lot of fun with this method, so give it a try. You can get those griddles on sale for 20.00.
Some of the fun things you can do is to use all sorts of items to move the wax around and create different patterns in the process. You can take card stock and use it to make fan shapes. I like to use corks that I chew up on the ends to get different effects when I use them to stamp and push the wax. Small paint rollers can also do some interesting things. Just go experiment.

Stained Glass Window Patterns

I have used a pattern from a book and had it blown up and put on shiny card stock. I laid wax in patterns all over this and then put a layer of Kleenex over that and heated till they stuck to the wax. You could see the patterns through the Kleenex. I then painted in the Bamboo patterns and the Leaves. I put extra Kleenex into the leaves for texture.
Afterwards I painted a frame of Micaceous Iron Oxide and then sprinkled that with copper water color power. When dry I coated with an agent to turn it into the green patina.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fabric In Time

I was doing this piece to post on the international site ( in memory of a member who just passed away. I started first by painting the paper with gold gesso. Next I began using a hot glue gun to make all the raised design elements. I covered those with mat media and then put Kleenex onto that to create a paper base over the raised patterns. I painted the indented areas with iron oxide and then waxed the raised areas. I added some more tissue in areas and used the stylus to fix that into place. The exposed tissue I painted with LumiArte. I placed papers over other areas and waxed them into position. On top of those areas I also put tissue and used the point of the stylus to secure with many points of hot wax. This left a lacy pattern of tissue left that I painted with LumiArte. I put some shiny wrapping paper that reflects the light in the collage.
In the small circle I riveted a small silver piece I got from a leather shop.
The next time I try one of these I am going to hot press the paper onto some foam core first and then do the work as it tends to wrinkle when you try to past it on later when your done. Always learning as you go.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I found a book of flower patterns and I wanted to see what I could do with it. I want to explore the tissue work with this as well as some 3 D effects. Here are the first three in the series. I have put some tissue in the basket and flowers of the 2nd and there is tissue all over the image on the third and LumiArt on the exposed areas.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Wonder Of Wax With Other Media

Been daydreaming about this process and finally decided to give it a try. I liked the end result which is close to something I have done before but a bit of a twist with this project. A pattern of hot glue was laid down and then mat media was put down and Kleenex laid over that. Wax was applied over the whole piece and then sections of tissue laid down and pushed into place with the round tip of the stylus. Space between lines were left so that the tissue was exposed and that was then painted with mica paint called LumiArt. The over all effect is interesting and I will be doing some more exploring with this process.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Classes Soon To Start Again

Getting my second wind now that I am home and looking to set some class schedules soon. I do have a class booked with the Art League in Everett for a class on the 10th of May. You do have to connect with them for that class in the Annex to sign up. I always enjoy the class experience and just how amazing the students do in the first few hours of melting wax. When I was in Cave Creek outside of Scottsdale in February Judy Bruce did this piece that I really liked. I think she got hooked in the process as well and set herself up with all the supplies to keep going. Can't wait to see what she has done. Soon as I get some times fixed I will post the next class in the studio.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

April Gallery Selection

Decided to show this piece in April. It was an Italian tissue that was embedded in wax and then treated with alcohol inks around the edges. Ended up with an old world charm. I did it for an importer of these tissues to show them what could be done. Shows you what happens when you embed tissue into the wax.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Moment In Time

I was in a scrap booking store and saw this paper number cut and thought there was a way to put it into a wax project. I got to work laying a base of wax colors and heating that enough to sink the cut out into the wax. I began to distress that and cover with wax and filling in large bubbles of thick glaze in certain sections. I then finished off with a thin layer of gloss and before I was done decided to turn it into a clock. I used the iron oxide on the sides and underneath that used a glue gun to write numbers and text. Took the chemical to rust the iron oxide and gave it several coats. It turned out to be a fun project and will put it into the gallery for the month of April.

On Line Encaustic Video Informaiton

I made a series of short video clips on different subjects on encaustic painting for Expert Village. You can click off the ads and also enlarge to full screen. Granted your computer connection has to be higher speed and your computer needs enough juice to get the audio clear. But here you are if you want to have a look. Each link goes to 15 clips each for a total of 45 or perhaps an hour and half of information. These hot link lines of text run under the photos to the right but when you copy and paste they seem to copy the whole line.

I am going to go on to do my next project of an hour video for a TV station out of Florida devoted to the arts. I will keep you posted on that project.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Memories Of The Winter Teaching Trip Of "08

Our trip south this year began on January 29th and the first stop was in Sacramento where I held a class in a photographic studio. A great class space and a wonderful class to start us off. I look forward to returning for another class in the future. Then it was on to Pasadena and I went over to the Shumei temple again and connected as I did last year. I ended up giving a demo to a small group in the evening and no doubt laid the foundation for further connections. We stayed for several days and then went on to Palm Springs for an evening. Scottsdale Arizona was our next stop where we set up camp next to the fashion mall so Muriel would have something to do while I went out to Carefree to teach for the next three days. I had three great class sessions at the Laughing Glass studio and it was my first outside class setting. There were a few breezy moments but all in all a great time. Then it was time to head out to the long stretch to Texas. We did stop in Las Cruces for two days and looked the place over and of course looked at some real estate as well. Saw a great house for a price that no doubt would have been three times that at home. Then it was the run to Rockport Texas and that took two more days. We finally hit our home base in City by the Sea out side of Rockport that would be our digs for the next month. I set about doing demos for the gallery in some of the RV parks and also at the Gallery. I had a full class on the First of March and set up for another class on the 12th. That one was half the size but a good session. Our friend from Canada came down and spent 10 days with us and we bounced around the areas getting to know the lay of the land. Birds were everywhere and the great cranes and egrets were a sight to see. The cowboy pelicans were a blast to watch dive bomb into the water or sit and wait for the remains when the fishermen were cleaning their fish. The laughing gulls were so loud they could make it hard to hear and they would almost eat out of your hand and for sure could take anything you would toss at them and catch it on the fly. They would line up in fly by passes to be the next one to get a handout.
Our time up we packed to head home and set out to go to Albuquerque NM for our next session. Since we had some free time we went up to Santa Fe for two days first but the wind was so fierce and on the cold side that we headed back to Albuquerque. I did my class at the senior center and we folded our tent and headed for home. I got as far as leaving Sacramento and I got the worst case of intestinal flu ever. I had severe cramps for the drive over the mountains and could go no further than Ashland the next day and then slept for 12 hours. We limped home the following day and I hit the bed and stayed down for two more days before I wanted to see the world again. I got rid of the extra pounds gained during the last two months, and that was the positive. All in all a great trip, but Muriel and I both agreed it was too far to drive and our next year is going to be just down the west coast to Southern California.